The Promise

In 2014, E3: Elevate Early Education created The New E3 School located in the Park Place neighborhood of Norfolk. Our school is an innovative, mixed-income model for children ages one to five. We set out to give more children equitable access to quality early education + prove that when all children have access regardless of their zip code, they enter kindergarten with the academic and social skills they need to thrive. We have proven that year after year.

Our Impact

Our most recent Classroom Quality + Kindergarten Readiness Spring 2022 report by UVA tells us:

  • High quality is consistent in all classrooms.
  • Teachers are engaged in strong interactions.
  • Most children met or exceeded kindergarten entry benchmarks.
  • More children are not meeting the literacy benchmark.

The children headed off to kindergarten in the fall experienced multiple years of the pandemic. Their routines, relationships and learning were disrupted. This data aligns with state and national trends.

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